Kate. Restaraunt Tablet | Increasing Cashless Transactions

    During our time with Shoko Coffee Chain the staff stopped wasting time bringing the usual payment terminals into the restaurant hall. It helped to increase the service speed and made it more comfortable to serve tables. Throughout the period of the trial, we started to see a huge uplift in cashless transactions to now deliver 90% of all cashless transactions through the Kate Media terminal. 

    Though there was a period of one week when due to changes in accounting systems for Shoko our systems were offline and the number of transactions of course fell to zero, our devices were quickly back to normal numbers once the issue was resolved and customers had no problem in using them straight away. 

      Kate. Restaraunt Tablet | Our results and statistics

      The results seen from our trial with the East Europe clients have proven that our solution delivers on the promise that our system can support to improve operational efficiencies, customer experience and overall grow the company’s profits. Since we started we have seen the following numbers being delivered consistently. This has been replicated as we have extended our trials to more locations within the our business and we are also seeing this success replicated with new clients we are working with. 

      What we delivered: