Deliver staff savings by up to 30%

With the KateMedia tabletop kiosk, making it easy for guests to Order, Play and Pay from their table.

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Testimonials —
What our clients say

“Katemedia has been a great solution for our restaurant. Helping to reduce staff and ensure customers are always communicated the right upselling options. Service is smooth and fast. Payment is simple and customers can pay when they want. The team behind KateMedia are always available and very supportive. A great solution for hospitality without a doubt!”


Director of Operation, Mangiare & El Guaca

Testimonials —
What our clients say

“Kate Media has had a fantastic impact on our business. We have been able to successfully transition over to customer facing order and pay tabletop from KateMedia with ease, which has helped us save and reduce on labour, whilst not compromising on guest experience. Being able to show guests individual pictures of all menu items has also been a great help in showcasing our full menu”.


Global Head of Operations, EL&N London

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Common challenges faced by restaurants

The hospitality industry has many challenges for restaurants and casual dining businesses to navigate. Especially in challenging times such as these, the pressure to reduce costs and increase spend is tougher than ever.


Difficulties in finding staff

Rising wages, operational costs and lack of staff are hurting the hospitality industry and ultimately affecting your bottom line.


Slow speed of service

Slow Speed of Service - Customers do not want to wait with 45% of guests saying that wait times feel longer when ordering in-person


Increasing spend per head

Getting customers to spend more with you is a difficult challenge. Busy periods, staff shortages or even quality of staff can impact the opportunity to sell more

The frustrations faced by guests

Guests are looking to have a great dining experience. To order quickly, be served in a timely manner and pay when they want to, without having to jump through multiple hoops to do so.


Waiting times for orders

There is no more waiting to make an order. Browse the menu and order in your time.


Waiting to pay the bill

You are ready to go, so why wait for the bill! With just a tap of the card you are done and on your way.


Technology frustration

No need to scan, download, register and get frustrated with so many steps. Order and Pay the Easy Way!

Our Expertise.
Your Results.

KateMedia solutions are designed to generate
revenue from increased throughput, increase
in sales, additional revenue streams and
improving the front of house efficiency.

Up to 20%

Increase waiter earn in tips

By 30%

Reduce the need for staff

Over 30%

Of customers leave valuable feedback

Over 60%

Customers order via Kate devices

Up to 10%

Increase restaurant profits

Up to 30%

Increase in table turn in peak hours

Your business serves food Kate Tablet serves you

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  • Kate One

New design

Sleek, lighweight with a vertical design created to operate in venues of all sizes


Enjoy an amazing list of curated games perfect for our new design


Using next gen NFC contactless payment technology making payments fast and secure

360 view


Customers can browse, decide and order from your menu with ease


Bring a new dimension to the dining experience with over 40 licensed games to keep customers of all ages entertained


Payment that's faster and easier than ever before. Tap to Pay on screen for the best experience.

We provide the best products & services for your business needs

Kate Two

Vertical screen, small body with next gen payments onboard

Kate One

All-in-one contactless and Chip & Pin solution

Waiter Notifications

Never miss a customer request

Reports Dashboard

Analyse and act


Just tap and pay

Pos Integrations

A powerful integrated solution

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I already have QR codes on my tables, why do I need this service?

Our company conducted joint tests when QR codes were left on the tables and our payment terminals were added. In the first week it became clear that most guests found it much easier and more convenient to use Kate's service. QR codes do not solve the problem of optimising the number of staff, reducing the volume of routine operations or cutting costs. Guests do not need to perform additional steps such as scanning, downloading the app, entering card details, etc. The terminal is exactly the kind of solution that guests of any age can use straight away.

How much does it cost?

Kate system is a subscription based model meaning you lease the hardware and software. We provide you with all the equipment required. Our costs depend on a number of factors such as tables and number of staff for example. To get a quote it’s best to speak to us about your certain requirements.

How much do you charge for card transactions?

Transaction fees are based on the volume of transactions your business does. Our payment partners will work with you to give you the most competitive rates.

What are the “waiter watches”?

Our watches for waiters and waitresses are a great way to keep the staff in the know and in sync with our solution. With a simple tap of the “call waiter” button guests can simply alert waiting staff to their table. With payment and order notifications nothing is missed.

What POS companies do you work with?

We have an integration to some of the main POS solutions on the market and we continue to do so. In the UK we are currently integrated with Syrve, Access Hospitality and Micros. If you have a POS you would like us to integrate with we can take a look.

Won’t your device get stolen?

Not really! It may sound hard to believe but our solution is not a high reward vs risk product. It has no resale value, and cannot be used outside its intended environment. Our battery technology is bespoke and can only charge with our charging solution. Whilst you can never prevent it. The risk is extremely low. We operate in multiple countries and multiple venues without a problem.

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