Kate. Restaraunt Tablet | COVID-19: KateMedia’s Response To The Global Pandemic

    KateMedia cannot stand by and do nothing while the whole world is facing a new reality. We remain hopeful and optimistic, as we believe that things will definitely get better in the near future. In the meantime, our team is diligently working from home, integrating with our partners and continuing to make sure that the KateTablet terminal is fully adapted to the needs of the post COVID world.

    There are different scenarios that might play out when the quarantine is over. Despite all the anguish and instability of the current situation, we are certain our device will attract more guests and make their restaurant experience even better than ever before.

    We all know that eventually,  the coronavirus situation will get back to normal. No, we cannot prevent the health crisis, however, we can move on, be open with our clients and help them adapt to a new reality.

    Only prepared and proactive brands will regain the love and trust of their customers. KateMedia will continue supporting and bringing only positive changes to the European restaurant business scene.

    Remember, we’ll get through this together and make your POSition better!

    Take care and stay safe.