Kate. Restaraunt Tablet | Improving Operational Efficiencies

    One of the main benefits of the Kate Media system is supporting the hospitality sector to improve its overall operation. Kate Media gives all front of house staff members their own smart notification watch that is linked directly to the tables they are managing. This helps staff to always be in the know when customers require assistance, when orders are placed and when payment is made. Customer queries are dealt with quickly and nothing is forgotten during busier times. 

    Since we started working with Shoko, the business was able to review its ability to work smarter and with less staff. Customers could now order and pay themselves directly from the table. This ultimately resulted in staff members being able to deal with more tables more efficiently and the business reduced the front of house hours required by 30%. During the busy weekends, in our trial location, Shoko could now operate with 7 staff members vs 10 previously. 

      Kate. Restaraunt Tablet | Improving Staff Loyalty and Tips

      New technology such as Kate Tablet can be a frightening aspect for staff members thinking they are going to become redundant, in actual fact the opposite is true. Kate Media becomes their digital service assistant. 

      Whilst the staff at Shoko were initially slightly skeptical, through our simple system and tips flow during payments, employees started to see tips go up by fivefold vs the QR code tipping system they were using. We noticed consistent uplift in tips week to week with members of staff receiving overall an extra 20%.

      The staff members became the biggest champions of our technology because they could see a direct financial reward to promote our system and maintain it.

        Kate. Restaraunt Tablet | Increasing Cashless Transactions

        During our time with Shoko Coffee Chain the staff stopped wasting time bringing the usual payment terminals into the restaurant hall. It helped to increase the service speed and made it more comfortable to serve tables. Throughout the period of the trial, we started to see a huge uplift in cashless transactions to now deliver 90% of all cashless transactions through the Kate Media terminal. 

        Though there was a period of one week when due to changes in accounting systems for Shoko our systems were offline and the number of transactions of course fell to zero, our devices were quickly back to normal numbers once the issue was resolved and customers had no problem in using them straight away.