Restaurant Menu: How To Take Full Advantage Of Modern Technology?

May 20, 2020

The modern daily routine seems impossible without being able to interact with different kinds of gadgets. Its active development affects not only the way we think, but also the way we perceive the world around us. With the ever-growing pace of life, speed and simplicity have become the cornerstones of our well-being. The fewer questions we have, the faster they decide to act, buy, sell make, etc. However, many businesses still fail to accommodate the wants and needs of a forward-thinking customer. Why? You ask because they simply haven’t figured out how? The answer is obvious: modern technology.

The menu is the basis of any restaurant or cafe. Its display and content plays a huge role in which dishes the guest will be ordering, how much money they will spend and what kind of impression they will have after dining out at your venue. There are several options to consider in order to keep up with the modern times.

Self-Service Kiosk

It’s a perfect solution for restaurants that focus on fast customer service. Self-service kiosks help users to look at the digital menu and quickly pay for their order.  

  • works well for fast food restaurants
  • even customer distribution between cash desk and kiosk
  • ability to create a menu with vivid pictures and sort dishes by categories
  • flexibility for customers who can scroll through a list of dishes at their own pace
  • quick payment for the order
  • when it’s not in use can be exploited as advertising stand for seasonal offers 
  • mostly adapted for fast food restaurants
  • no possibility to pay by cash
  • some customers aren’t ready to spend their time learning the logic of a kiosk and prefer to communicate with a real person
Digital Menu Boards

They are good for any cafe and restaurant. Thanks to individual settings digital menu boards help to demonstrate the menu, run commercials, present new dishes and add on any other specific features.

  • diversify restaurant interior
  • ability to make a menu more attractive and clear for customers
  • can be designed not only in text format but also as a slide show
  • suitable for any kind of restaurant
  • no possibility to pay by cash or card
  • required more than one device for comfortable and informative usage by customers
  • difficulty with placing on every table
  • usually, it takes time to get some understanding of a menu
Kate Tablets

Kate Tablet is the right solution for restaurants where guests prefer to spend their time with friends and families, discuss the latest news and enjoy delicious food. Kate helps to simplify communication with waiters and speed up the process by efficiently automating them. By using Kate Tablets visitors can browse a full menu, pay their bill with just a tap and enjoy great entertainment while waiting for their dishes.

  • a convenient and easily understood menu which has more advantages in comparison with the paper one
  • all dishes are visually separated by categories
  • every dish has its own card with high-quality photo for display
  • description area may include price, ingredients list, some unique facts about a dish and even story of its creation
  • there is a possibility to choose the number of servings and send an order directly to a kitchen without having to wait for a server
  • you can easily call for a waiter who’ll immediately receive a notification and personally assist in any request
  • ability to prepare and present a set menu in order to save resources and make a special presentation of complex breakfasts, lunches, etc.
  • an ideal solution only for large restaurant chains
  • doesn’t work for fast food restaurants
  • each table has to be provided with a unique Kate Tablet device
Is there anything else Kate Tablet can help you with?
  • Advertisement and presentation of new dishes in order to attract more customers and persuade them to try new dishes. You can choose how, where and when to present new menu items and by that increase visitors’ interest.
  • Game area. Adults, teenagers, and children will definitely like the entertainment module which will help the time to pass by quicker while their dish is being cooked and served. 
  • No need to wait for a bill, waiter or payment terminal especially if it’s needed to make a payment as soon as possible. You just go to the payment area, choose a payment method and then pay your bill on your own via built-in Chip, PayWave, NFC module. For those who prefer to dine-out with friends, there is also a solution – you can easily split the bill by orders or by the number of guests.

Simplicity is a key factor in communication between a restaurant and its clients. The more time a guest spends enjoying the atmosphere in your restaurant, the more likely they are to return. The choice is up to you – Self-service kiosk, Digital menu boards or Kate Tablet. The main idea is to make your customers happy!

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