Restaurant market research and results 2022

December 20, 2022

KateMedia has been growing its market share across its operating regions within 2022. We have compiled our results and statistics for 2022 to show the growth of our solutions across the hospitality industry.

Self Service Kiosks Market

The Kate Media Company (KM) is the leading producer and integrator of the unique tabletop kiosk service and the Kate platform. With our solution, restaurants have been providing their guests with a fast and convenient way to order and pay at the table for years. The Kate system is an official partner of Syrve POS and integrated with more than 6 worldwide providers and possesses the unique for the market full integration with POS software. 

As a result of the in-depth interaction between the POS system and Kate’s terminals, our solution has achieved significant integration into the guest service process. Up to 66% of guests make a primary order and over 90% pay cashless with Kate. 

Due to the diversified structure of our business, we provide high standards of support and response in working with chain restaurants. 

Using tabletop self-service kiosks, businesses get higher incomes and attendance. Labour shortages and rising operating costs are creating challenges for restaurant market development. In such circumstances, operators get an undeniable advantage by using Kate’s service.

As we work with more customers we get the same questions from the industry so we wanted to break down some of the myths around our solution.

Restaurants continue to face hiring challenges. Many brands are turning towards self service and automated solutions to lower their labour costs, and while some customers may think these changes detract from the dining experience, some may rethink their position as higher labour costs for restaurants lead to higher menu prices for consumers.

Myth №1. “Guests are looking for a more human service than self ordering.”

Based on the results of our service and customer survey data, we have found that guests don’t look at terminals just as a convenient addition: they are becoming a vital part of the restaurant business. 

  • 66% of guests make their first order through Kate’s terminals.
  • 90% of guests pay cashless at Kate’s because it’s simple and convenient! 

Guests enjoy Kate’s terminals, not only because of the technology. An important aspect of the system’s success is its implementation with full personalisation of the experience that guests expect. Let’s not forget about the next generation that are getting older and will become more important to restaurant businesses. According to a recent Spotify article, Gen Z craves flexibility and menu personalisation in their experience.

Myth №2: “It will be harder to collect customer data.”

For some people, leaving personal ordering out of a POS system means leaving out data collection opportunities.

But in fact, Kate’s terminals offer an easy start for your digital brand, helping you collect guest data and effectively build loyalty without much effort.

Implementing digital loyalty schemes rewards you for signing up and logging in. Requesting an email address to send a receipt is a great way to invite guests to participate in marketing. Our customers receive a copy of the electronic receipt immediately, and the establishment gains significant printing savings!

Myth №3: “Our employees sell better than terminals.”

With data-driven recommendations and food ordering features, terminals help waiters sell more by attracting significant user attention with beautiful images. According to our statistics, establishments have increased the number of products and additional sales by up to 35%! Tabletop kiosk terminals don’t need to be trained, they don’t make mistakes and constantly offer the guest an up-to-date menu and new products.

Myth №4: “Employees might feel like we’re replacing them-we’re trying to keep employees.”

If you’re worried about staff morale, we have some good news. Terminals aren’t meant to replace all your employees; they’re meant to allow them to focus on more important service tasks and better conversation with guests. By automating the routine processes of your work with technology, the team can have more fun at work and increase their income.

Payments and Tips. 

Kate’s self-service tabletop terminals are an indispensable aid to the waiter. We managed to increase the income of the employees up to 5 times, compared with tipping services based on QR codes.

Guests can easily pay with pin or contactless cards making the process faster than waiting for a card terminal or by using QR code solutions often having to register or enter details before making a payment.

According to our statistics:

  • 75% of guests pay by Contactless
  • 15% of guests use the Chip & Pin

Development and Expansion

We are expanding to more than 150 locations with our Kate Tabletop Kiosks and we are on track to double our expansion rate by the end of 2023.

In the short time we have been on the market we have surpassed even our own expectations with the results our system is generating for customers. We continue to develop and expand our solution to the ever changing payment and ordering landscape. We are already working and developing our next generation device without the need for PCI making our overall solution faster and easier to implement.

Our ethos is on creating an ecosystem that brings continuous value to our customers. That is why our suite of technologies is rapidly growing within the European market.


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