Kate Tablet Terminal vs QR Code. Who runs the post Covid world?

September 29, 2020

Earlier in 2020, the restaurant business was kind of predictable and no one thought that it would face fundamental changes in the foreseeable future. However, the COVID pandemic came unexpectedly. Social distancing, sanitizing, disinfection, contactless payments became synonymous with a new way of life. In order to revive the industry, various technologies again have appeared on the scene.


Kate Tablet turns out to be even more beneficial in the current circumstances (feel free to check out the previous news in our blog) while the QR code solution has made a comeback and is now a dominant payment force in many parts of the world. More and more restaurants see QR code solution as a viable path toward fast, secure, and, more importantly, safe service.


So what is QR code in terms of the restaurant industry?


Previously, QR codes (quick response codes) have mostly been known as useful access points to information, websites, and personal verification. You may have met them in advertising posters, product labels, event tickets, and even random street corners.


Indeed, QR codes have reserved the right to fulfill the same function. When a QR code is scanned, the horizontal and vertical patterns of the matrix are decoded by the software on your smartphone and converted into a string of characters. Depending on the command of those characters, customers may use contactless experience featuring menu browsing, ordering, and payment all through his mobile phone. The only thing left is to wait for a server to bring you the ordered meal. Pretty simple and easy.


Kate Tablet, on the other hand, acts as a more complex solution. By using Kate – the ultimate pay-at-the-table catering device, visitors can browse through the menu, enjoy the great entertainment Kate has in store, make payments with one tap only, and much more from a business perspective.


Let’s take a look at both of them!


Type of restaurants Casual Dining, Fast Casual Fast Casual, Quick Service Restaurants (QSR)
Main functions Order, Play, and Pay Browse, Order and Pay
Required Hardware Kate Tablet terminal Smartphone or tablet with a built-in camera
App installation Not required No app to install – a web-based solution
Security & Certification

Received all the necessary documentation and completed the following security certification:

EMV L1, L2, PCI PTS, Common.SECC

Any data which is transferred via QR codes is encrypted thus making the payment and information exchange foolproof secure
Integration with POS Fully integrated with POS systems (iiko, r_keeper, UnTill, Hypersoft, Expert Solution, etc.), including reverse data exchange Fully integrated with POS for seamless ordering and payment
Supported payment method Kate Tablet accepts all the following: Chip and PIN, PayWave and PayPass transactions Supports Apple Pay, Google Pay, Samsung Pay in addition to credit cards
Additional payment options

Allows restaurant visitors to choose payment methods and tipping amount:

– Full bill payment option

– Split by amount of guests

– Split by bill choice

– Full tipping control

Menu (for guests) The flexible and fully integrated menu which is displayed on Kate’s screen Connects guests to an integrated online menu on their smartphones
Menu (for business) Kate platform allows users to manage the restaurant’s network including but not limited to all menu items. Remote price and description control helps to optimize a restaurant’s workflow very quickly
Waiter Kate reduces the amount of face2face contact with staff. As a result communication with waiters is limited to serving dishes. Which also leads to cost savings in terms of staffing. There is no need for them in QSR and fast-casual restaurants. Interaction with waiters in table service restaurants is also shortened to serving dishes.
Entertainment module Thanks to a built-in entertainment module with premium games, cartoons, etc. guests are given an opportunity to enjoy their time while dishes are being made. Kids will also be happy and busy playing educating and fun games while parents enjoy their “me time”.
Сleanliness and safety Kate devices are splash resistant and the screens can be easily cleaned by any sanitizing agent. There are other benefits including less contact with waiters and less cash flow. Absolutely safe since there is no need to use anything except your own mobile device.
Data analytics The flexible reporting system allows you to collect all customer feedback (20 fold increase according to our statistics), compare table profits, learn about the money flow, and improve the business in your restaurant. It also optimizes the cost of expenses for classic POS terminals. Allows collecting feedback and reviews from customers.
Drawbacks Integration with POS and payment providers together with the initial testing phase in a selected restaurant requires some time. However, as soon as it’s done, the solution may be applied for the entire restaurant chain.

There are some limitations in terms of functionality including the lack of an entertainment module, extended data analytics, and additional payment options.

Can’t be used without a smartphone and access to the Internet.

Guest benefits Gives customers a sense of control by browsing and ordering a full menu and providing feedback. Saves time by paying at the table without a waiter. Unique opportunity to play premium games on Kate tablet.  No waiting time, no kiosk, no queue. 
Business benefits

Kate Tablet increases the table turn over up to 9 times!

  • up to 30% increase in desert and drink sales
  • up to 30% increase in table turn in peak hours
  • up to 20% increase in waiter profit and tips
  • up to 10% increase in total restaurant profit

Very convenient and quick with a low adoption barrier.

Increase in speed of service and overall restaurant profit.


We are living in an era when people are interested in modern technology, as never before. It has now become even more important for restaurants to use new devices and solutions in order to operate under the current circumstances. We have two major players on the market – QR code technology and Kate Tablet terminals. Our goal isn’t to tell you what tech solution is best. Instead, we want to provide a detailed explanation of each solution and compare them in terms of functionality.


Now it’s your turn to choose. In case you decide to go further with Kate solutions, we would be more than happy to make this journey even more exciting for you!

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