How Restaurant Businesses And Game Industry Can Live Happily Ever After

May 6, 2020

Nowadays restaurant guests aren’t only looking to dine, they are also interested in entertainment, as never before. In order to meet customer needs, forward-thinking restaurants are bringing to reintroduce nostalgic board games, classic video games, and even organized, hosted trivia contests at their tables, to accompany casual dining and friendly customer service. Games add a whole new dimension to the dining experience. They keep guests entertained for longer, thus driving them to spend more and more.

Games are not only fun attractions and promotional opportunities, but they can also build a bond between the restaurants and its guests, and help occasional visitors to become regulars. That’s why the game industry trend might be beneficial for your establishment.

Let’s look at a few examples of how restaurants can improve their customer experience:

1) Host a Trivia Night.

Trivia-themed nights are growing in popularity at gaming restaurants. Not only do these interactive experiences help boost enjoyment at each table, but they also promote spirited conversations between strangers, thanks to companionship and healthy competition. Many new friendships can be formed during such kinds of events and naturally, this also means these new friends are more likely to return to the venue.

2) Board Games.

For a quieter, more interactive evening at the table, help your customers enjoy the relaxing board game scene. Give them an opportunity to grab any favorite board game and open it right at the table. Extra-large tables allow for the games to stay out of the way of food, but still, allow the boards to be accessible whenever the game starts up again. You’d be amazed at the laughter and memories a simple board game can provide – which is only made better with a great meal and cocktails. Some restaurants have a designated area where board games are kept and played. Just make sure that the board game area is noticeable, or have your waiters inform guests while at their first visit.

3) Arcade Games.

Some restaurants and pubs have old-school arcade games that guests can play for a few just a dime. There’s something very nostalgic about offering games like Space Invaders and PacMan, completed with a joystick. However, let’s face it, those arcade games can be expensive and take up a lot of much needed space. Luckily, since video games have evolved, you can offer video games too. Nintendo Switch, PS4, and Xbox make live gaming a sport. Set up a few screens for guests who want to jump in and play.

4) Don’t forget about Kids.

If you have a family-friendly establishment, go beyond handing kids a couple of cheap crayons, and go all-in on games. All you need is a small area and an entertaining staff member or two, to turn your restaurant into the most fun place ever! From party game classics like musical chairs and freeze dance, to more sophisticated kid-friendly food trivia. This will insure you with a lot of happy younger clients who will in turn beg their parents to take them to your place again and again.

5) Mobile Games.

Mobile games are a huge part of our modern life, and many restaurants are capitalizing on tabletop versions to their dining areas, to allow adults (and their children!) to kick back and enjoy their time while waiting for food to arrive. Whether this comes in the form of a guest-facing KateTablet device or a more-advanced screen setup, users can easily engage in these entertainment options.

There’s no doubt, you’ve seen tabletop POS systems in action already. Just visit any forward-thinking casual dining restaurant and there’s at least one table full of children enjoying some wait-time distraction. With games, puzzles, videos and other activities pre-loaded into a customer-friendly interface, parents can add a few euros to their bill in exchange for meal-long entertainment. Plus, with the help of KateTablet – fully-featured pay-at-the-table device – customers can enjoy wait-free convenience when ordering the meal, and fast payment methods for when it’s time to go.

More importantly, KateTablet is preloaded with entertainment options that offer an intriguing revenue increase for restaurant owners and an often-necessary break for tired parents. Affording adults a few minutes of uninterrupted conversation can make a chaotic restaurant seem like a date night, provided that the kids are happy.

Ready to play?

Once you figure out your goals, whom you want to attract, and the ideal time for game-related activities, you can start experimenting and see what works best for you. Be sure to spread the word, being known as the restaurant with games can help create some buzz and bring in new guests. Once you find something that works, you can move on to level two – using games to attract more customers and generate more revenue.

Just remember – people may be eating out three times more often, than they used to before, but they are not impressed with dining out anymore, they want to be entertained. The more fun your customers can enjoy in your establishment, the more likely they are to stay for more food and a little extra dessert.

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