Kate. Restaraunt Tablet | Our first client, their problems and our solution

    Our first client was Shoko Coffee Chain – the largest coffee chain in Russia with over 500 locations and 400 locations in the city of Moscow alone. Shoko provided their customers with several ways to order and experience dining with them. From ordering at the counter and ordering at the table via the waiting staff or through the QR ordering app/web.

    The challenges faced by Shoko especially with the Covid-19 pandemic are similar to many casual dining and restaurant chains. The challenge of hiring the right amount of staff, with hospitality seeing a decline in securing employees as the business becomes busy again. This is something that continues to affect such hospitality businesses. There are also challenges around profitability, operational efficiencies and increasing their ability to upsell and cross-sell their products to customers in new and more revenue-generating ways.

    Our solution is Europe’s only digital service kiosk enabling guests to order, play and pay at the table. Fully integrated into POS systems, Kate gives easy access to menus, a wide range of the best short-form content to keep everyone entertained and PCI-secure card payment on the device to complete a wonderful new guest experience.

    Our first installed location was in the centre of Moscow where Shoko operates one of their busiest locations within the central shopping mall. Our devices were placed on each table, fully integrated with the iiko POS system of Shoko. As part of our trials with Shoko, we did not look to replace any of their existing payment terminals or even the QR ordering system they had in place. Our goal was simple, run alongside existing systems and prove our ability to deliver better performance. Working closely with the staff and team at Shoko over 3 months we started to see some incredible performance and numbers coming from our solution.